NY Chocolate Gift Box

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Celebrate the New Year with a luxury chocolate gift box from Van Velze's.

Containing our mouthwatering champagne truffles, signature chocolate gift box, delicious chocolate dipped mango and a decadent bar of milk or dark chocolate.  Beautifully packaged and wrapped with our signature satin Ribbon and a 'Happy New Year' greetings card. 

The perfect New Years Gift for family and Relations.

Chocolade Champagne trufflebox (6 truffles):

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Signature Chocolate box (9 chocolates):

1.2.3.chocolade bonbon amsterdam chocolade fruitcake4.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Guinness5.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam kardamon sesam6.chocolade bonbon amsterdam tonkabonen tonka tonkaboon7.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam gianduja hazelnoot butterscotch8.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam Venkel Venkelbonbon 9.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam Vanille bonbon Bourbon Vanille

 Chocolate Flavours:
1. Mulled Wine 2. Stewed Pears 3. Chocolate Fruitcake 4. Guinness 5. Cardamom/Sesame 6. Tonkabean 7. Gianduja (Hazelnuts/Butterscotch) 8. Fennel 9. Bourbon Vanilla