Dark Collection 24

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A mouthwatering and Luxury Chocolate gift box, filled with a premium collection of our most intense and dark handmade chocolates. Presented in our signature box, beautifully wrapped with a satin ribbon.

Choose your own Chocolates?
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1.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Guinness2.chocolade bonbon amsterdam port cranberrie3.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam sweet chilli balsamico4.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam illy koffie espresso5.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam rode wijn laurierdrop6.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Gerookte amandel noga7.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam kardamon sesam

Chocolate flavours (Dark Collection):

1. Guinness 2. Port/Cranberry 3. SweetChilli/Balsamico 4. Illy espresso 5. Red wine/Bay leaf/Licorice 6. Smoked Almond Nougat 7. Cardamom/Sesame

Made with our special single origin chocolate, from Costa Rica (Read: Cocoa Farm).