Shard Chocolate Easter egg (12 chocolates)

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Height: 20cm

Weight: ca. 450 gram

Vrolijk Pasen Shard Easter egg (Happy Easter in Dutch)

Delectable handmade chocolate Easter egg. Filled with 12 luxurious van Velze's handmade chocolates.

Rolled in chocolate and decorated with vrolijk pasen chocolate shards

Filled with 12 luxury handmade chocolates

1.2.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Guinness3.chocolade bonbon amsterdam port cranberrie4.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Gerookte amandel noga5.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam kardamon sesam6.7.8.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam gianduja hazelnoot butterscotch9.chocolade bonbon amsterdam tonkabonen tonka tonkaboon10.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam kaneel11.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam Venkel Venkelbonbon 12.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam Vanille bonbon Bourbon Vanille

Chocolate Flavours:

1. Passionfruit 2. Guinness 3. Port/Cranberry 4. Smoked Almond Nougat  5. Kardamon/Sesam 6. illy coffee 7. Red wine & Licquorice 8. Gianduja 9. Tonkabean  10. Cinamon 11. Fennel 12. Bourbon Vanilla.