Chocolate Heart (I Love You)

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A special gift for the best Mother in the world.

Attention! This product can only be delivered in amsterdam or picked up at our shop.

A luxurious Handmade Chocolate Heart with Hand written Chocolate Text I Love you and filled with our delicious Chocolates . A romantic and thoughtfull gift  presented in a beautiful box and gift card.

1.2.chocolade bonbon amsterdam port cranberrie3.chocolade bonbon amsterdam Gerookte amandel noga4.Chocolade bonbon amsterdam kardamon sesam5.chocolade bonbon amsterdam tonkabonen tonka tonkaboon6.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam gianduja hazelnoot butterscotch7.8.chocolade bonbon Amsterdam Venkel Venkelbonbon

Chocolate Flavours:
1. Salted Caramel - dark 2. Port/Cranberry 3. Smoked Almond 4. Cardamom/Sesame 5. Tonkabean 6. Gianduja (hazelnuts/butterscotch) 7. Salted Caramel - milk 8. Fennel

Chocolate heart diameter: approx. 15 cm
Height: ca. 5 cm

Made from our special chocolate from Costa Rica (Read: The Cocoa Farm).